London Riots Royal Crest Etched Glass

london_riots_detailLeadbitter Glass were approached by London artist – K Guy to create a sandblasted piece of glass using his own unique artwork. This amazing Royal Crest with a twist was created to hang in the London West Bank Art Gallery in Notting Hill London W11 for a 2 week exhibition.

The glass was created in 6mm toughened and polished glass with holes in each corner to hang the piece slightly away from the wall.

At first glance the glass looks like a standard Royal Crest but on closer inspection the crest has been adapted to depict the London Riots of 2011 complete with a riot policeman and a hooded riot’er. This etched glass measured 750mm x 520mm and it contained some of the finest etched glass detail our studio has ever created. You can see by the close up of the text that there is a lot of very small shaded areas to each letter.

Quote ref: 2007

London Riots Royal Crest

Created for artist – ‘K Guy’ in Notting Hill London