Leadbitter Glass Adds Gradient Sandblasting Line

sandblast_shadingLeadbitter Glass has just taken delivery of a new automatic sandblasted glass line for our decorative glass studio in Northamptonshire. This new line will help us keep up with the strong demand that we have seen throughout 2012. The new machinery also allows us to offer new products that we were not able to offer with our original sandblast production line.

Our new system allows us to offer a gradient sandblasting  service where the glass can be sandblasted with a faded effect from one end of the glass to the other. This type of effect is ideal for shower enclosures where the bottom of the glass needs to be fully sandblasted with the top half eventually fading into clear glass. The shaded sandblast effect is also an ideal application for office partitions and shop windows.

The image on the right shows the effect of gradient sandblasting that we now offer. Decorative designs from our etched glass galleries can also be created using this new effect so contact the studio to enquire about our sandblasted glass service.