Fused Etched Mackintosh Glass Stable Door – Essex

In 2017 we created a gallery of stable door glass that showed a whole new range of designs specifically designed to suit small glass panels. Stable doors have become very popular in recent years and the glass sizes are quite small – at around 200mm x 300mm. As soon as our new galleries went live we started to receive orders for some of the designs featured in the galleries.

This design was based on our popular Mackintosh Fused & Etched Glass designs but it was created to suit a really small piece of glass. We created this glass as a double glazed unit and it was sent to a client in Halstead, Essex. As with all orders we created a scale drawing to show the client how the glass will look once made and the client approved the design as soon as they saw it.

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Glass size 240 x 340
Created for clients in Halstead, Essex

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