Fused & Etched Glass Tree Of Life – West Sussex

In 2013 we created this stunning door panel for one of our clients. The design was based on our popular Tree Of Life design and as you can see the glass needed a curved edge to the top. This type of design is ideal for arched doors because we can draw the design to fill the area around the curve quite well.

The client sent us a cardboard template of the exact glass shape required and as with all orders we receive, we created a Client Page drawing for the customer to view before the glass was actually made. One the layout was approved we created the individual tiles and fired them in the kiln. These fused glass tiles take more than 18 hours to make.

The background of the design was etched and the swirls and lines were all clear glass.

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Internal view above


Glass sizes 707mm x 550mm

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Created for clients in West Sussex