Fake Etched Glass

Leadbitter Glass creates Etched Glass the correct way. We do not use ‘stickers’ for our etched glass panels and we do not screen print an ‘etched effect’ onto the glass. The etched glass we create is made by sandblasting the glass so it is a permanent feature. Some companies appear to offer ‘Etched Glass’ but just put a vinyl sticker onto the glass.

Fake Etched Glass Stickers

Stickers can ‘yellow’ over time and vinyl also shrinks after being on the glass for a few years. Other companies may even screen print the ‘Etched Glass Effect’ onto the glass and this product can also ‘yellow’ with time. Always make sure you are paying for a genuine product because as the saying goes – Buy cheap, Buy twice.

A modern “Etched Glass” panel that isn’t Etched Glass…..


Screen-Printed Glass

The above image on the right was taken in 2020 and this modern door contained a screen printed copy of Etched Glass. As you can see by the brochure image on the left, the glass does look like etched glass when new. After a few years in the sun, screen printed glass or stickers can turn yellow. This happens because the inks in the glue or dye are bleached by the UV rays of the sun. Leadbitter Glass sandblast the glass so there is no colour or stickers added to the glass. Real etched glass is actually scratched by billions of tiny particles and this gives it the cloudy effect.

Is it an investment?

Although a quick and cheap solution to have an etched glass effect window sticker on the glass of your home might sound like a good idea, is it a good solution? It may be a good idea if you only plan to live in the house for a short period of time but if this is a home that you love, it might be worth considering buying a genuine product that will last as long as the house does.

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This website contains some beautiful etched glass house names and number patterns for you to browse. We can create patterns with an etched background and the detail in clear for privacy reasons. We can also create any pattern the opposite way around – a clear background with the detail etched. The choice is yours and the price is the same.

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