The Executive Service by Leadbitter Glass

Executive Service

iconexecutiveIf you are renovating or building a new home and you have a large decorative glass project in the planning stages, one of our designers can come to your home or business and help you get the most from your glass project. Leadbitter Glass will guide you through all of the products and services that we can offer you and also offer design and technical advice.

The Executive Service is a great way of ensuring that larger projects run smoothly and come within budget. We can also take accurate measurements and guide you through all of the colours, materials and designs ideas that we could use to create your decorative art glass. We can also provide you with samples to view of some of our past works. Site visits are a great way for us to understand how the finished project will look and on many occasions we have been able to come up with ideas to improve on the clients original plans for the glass design.

executive_projectLarger projects are inevitably more expensive so it is vital to make sure that every detail is covered. We can also offer you the Client Pages service and once a design is approved, we can create a small section of your design in glass so you can see it ‘in the flesh’ before a full size panel is created. Holding a piece of your design in your hand is a great way to see if everything is how you envisaged it to be before the full glass is created. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are very important to Leadbitter Glass and with the Executive Service, we can ensure that your glass project will run smoothly from start to finish.

The Leadbitter Glass Executive Service is the only choice when planning a large scale decorative art glass project so if you would like to discuss your project and arrange a visit from one of our designers, please use the contact page to enquire about the Executive Service pricing.