Etched Glass Backgrounds

Leadbitter Glass has created its very own range of Etched Glass backgrounds ideal for doors, windows and partitions. These traditional and modern background patterns can be used to create stunning doors, windows and partitions. It is worth noting that we create these designs to suit your specific glass size so there will not be any of the design cut in half around the edge of the glass. The design will be positioned and set out to suit your exact glass sizes giving a more bespoke finish.

When asking for a quotation, you need to state how many of the motifs you would like across the panel. As an example, you can request for your panel to contain 4 or 6 Fleur du Lys in the width of the panel and we will calculate a price based on that specific requirement. These designs are bespoke and are not ‘cut off a glass sheet’

Fleur du Lys, Diagonal Star, Circles, Squares,