Etched Glass Bubbles Bathroom Door

coloured_etched_glass_bubblesMr & Mrs Monaghan contacted the Leadbitter Glass studio recently to request a contemporary design for a new bathroom door. They browsed our Full Doors Gallery and chose this etched glass bubbles design. As this was for a bathroom door we agreed to etch the design onto one side of Satin glass and this would create a very modern glass panel with great light properties but at the same time giving a high amount of privacy.

Once we looked at the chosen design we offered the clients the opportunity to see that design created with a coloured etched technique instead of the standard etched glass. We created a computer proof of how their door and side panel would look using blue coloured etched areas and the clients approved the design and placed a full order.

You can view the clients CGI proof here.

The image shown below shows the door and side panel in an unfinished state and a new image is forthcoming to show the beautiful new bathroom in the completed state. We have created this design mnay times since and you can see other examples further down the page.

Quote ref: 2001


The glass panel below was manufactured by our studio and delivered to a Mr Rowles in Guernsey