Chinese Bamboo English Oak Leaves Etched Glass – Cambridgeshire

bamboo_doorMr & Mrs Harris contacted the Leadbitter Glass studio in 2012 to have a pair of arched double glazed units created featuring Chinese Bamboo etched glass on one side and English Oak on the other side. Mr & Mrs Harris live and work in the UK and in Hong Kong so this project was to be a combination of English and Chinese rolled into one door.

We created a dedicated Client Page for the customers and after a few tweaks and alterations the design was perfect and manufacture was underway.

Whilst this project was being created in our Northamptonshire studio we were visited by a couple from Nottingham. The Fletchers were looking for something nice but didn’t really know what they wanted. Once they spotted this glass design ready to be dispatched they instantly agreed that this was the right theme for them. We then took an order and produced a set of 18 single glazed glass panels for a built-in cupboard which you can view here.

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 Chinese Bamboo, English oak Etched Glass Doors
Created for clients in Cambridgeshire UK