Cleaning Decorative Glass

stained_glass_solderCleaning Decorative Glass

The Information and recommendations given here are a helpful guide to cleaning your new decorative glass panels. These tips are given in good faith and Leadbitter Glass cannot assume liability or responsibility for damage caused to decorative glass panels during cleaning. It is the owner’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any cleaning product used.

Single Glazed Etched Glass

or ‘sandblasted glass’ as it is also known has been coated with our Sandblast Protection to help protect the finish so it is important to clean the glass carefully. Leaded glass panels can be made up of Overlay Stained Glass films and pre-coloured lead strips so again, it is very important to clean the glass with materials that are not too aggressive.

Decorative glass can be cleaned using glass cleaner that is not alcohol based or isopropanol based. These chemicals may be too strong and remove colour from lead strips or may also damage the sandblast protection or sandblast colour. Never use an abrasive product such as wire wool or a pan scrubber on the decorative elements of the glass. If your preferred method of cleaning glass is to use a spray or ‘squirt on’ glass cleaner, purchase a water based glass cleaner only.

Leaded Glass

Pre-coated Lead Strip such as Ebony or Aged lead (our Option 2) must only be cleaned using a damp cloth or a soft cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaner or abrasive cloth. If you have gold or brass lead do not rub the lead as it is more fragile than other lead so this is why it is classified for internal use only. Clean around the lead and do not rub the lead.

Natural Lead – Options 1 and 3 can be cleaned easily with a soft damp cloth. This lead will probably oxidise but over time, with regular cleaning, the appearance of the lead will settle and become a consistent grey finish.

Professional window cleaners only use a cloth dampened with warm water that does not contain any chemicals at all so this is the best method for the regular cleaning of glass. Do not use a dry cloth and do not over-rub the lead strip of an Overlay Stained Glass panel. Never press hard on the decorative areas of the glass. If you have any questions on the removal of stubborn stains, please contact the studio direct with your surname and date of purchase of the glass and we will try to help you as much as possible.

Lead Oxidation

The oxidation of pure lead is a natural process. Please click here to read about what to expect with leaded glass designs.